PD Handiwork (Nantwich)
Building, Repairs, Maintenance, Gardening & General DIY / Handyman Services

A good value local practical builder, advisor and DIY specialist

30+ Years of Building Experience

A man with a professional career of over 30 years in many sectors of the main contractor design & construction industry, with a strong personal interest and vast experience in the renovation, repair and general upkeep of older buildings.

Has undertaken major restoration projects on a number of houses for personal use and all pictures on this site of of my own work.

No job is too small and will always be important to someone.

A place to unwind & relax

Exteriors tastefully designed, built & maintained to individual requirements.


Upgraded for parking

Domestic Renovations

A Multifunctional Kitchen Diner

A Stylish Victorian Bathroom

Cleaning a chimney

Unblocking gutters or a drain

Changing a light fitting

Don’t put it off!

- all bring peace of mind and save huge expense if done properly and at the right time.

Everyone values something

No job is too small

Old Victorian and many modern  houses often have sizable roof spaces, largely unused. Conversion to useable  space can be a major undertaking, but the satisfaction and benefits will be well worth the efforts of doing the work.

Loft Conversions

Make use of the space

Lounge & New Patio Doors

Crisp, Modern Shower Room